Stephanie I. Rochester, NY - Sep 28, 2019

I have been working with Dr Lily on the business side of her practice. She is the most dedicated Doctor I have ever came across. She gives her cell phone number out to EVERY patient and she works above and beyond by even fitting patients in at 10pm on a Saturday.

Dr. Paul Cialone Rochester, NY - May 29, 2019

In over 30 years experience as a professional in sports, performance training and medicine, I have never experienced anything quite like  EM sculpt.

At 56 years old, performance gain was my driving factor As I already had a “good enough” middle-aged six pack. Let’s just say the aesthetic Side effects have been awesome!

Bruce Lee was famous for the dragon flag, The most difficult abs exercise.  I was always proud to be able to do 5 or so before my back would tighten, as most people struggle to do one.  Following EM Sculpt, I can knock off Multiple sets of 5-10 with ease...AND I look better in a bathing suit, all after a grand total of 2 hours time!!

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